Top Groceries

מיתוג עסקי - עיצוב לוגו - TopGroceries

Forget the cart, skip the lines.

Concept / Mood Board

Choosing style and way of visualising by collecting materials.

Story Board

This step is important for planning.

אנימציה - TopGroceries - Storyboard

Video Board

This step is important for ensuring the duration and finding the right rhythm for the video.

Elements Design

Sketching, Illustrating, Painting and slicing for animation.


Watching at references, analysing the motion and key-framing.

אפטר אפקטס

KidsTV: Surf Safety for kids

Be Safe of the Web / Channel 6

A unique project for the Kids Channel. We’ve designed and illustrated all the characters and elements for the video series produced by Studio Nanook (today known as Studio Kiss), featuring the hosts of the Kids Channel – Kobi Mahat, Tal Mosseri, Don Lenny Gabay, Roni Duani. The video series is engaged in raising awareness for children and youth while serfing the internet and calls to be safe on the Web.

איור ואנימציה - אל תפלו ברשת

Koren: Sidur

Koren Jerusalem – Sidur

This video was shown in an exhibition without sound.

Botanic Encyclopedy

Botanic Encyclopedy

מיתוג עסקי - עיצוב אריזה - האנטומיה של הצמח


Our spiritual journey, as a humanity. Our character is released from the shackles of its ego and connects to the other and reveals itself.

אנימציה - Awakening - פוסטרים
אנימציה - Awakening - עיצוב אריזה

Evolution of Balloons

Evolution of Balloons

Music:   Skippy by Brad Mehldau
                  YMCA by Village People