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Shabbat & Holiday Times

Sabbath & Holiday Times

Our client, Chabad.org, developed an application who shows Shabbat & holidays times in different places around the world.

After getting the client old design, we starting definning new features to make their new upgrade not only more beatiful but also more user friendly.

אפיון ועיצוב ממשק - זמני שבת

We wanted to give a special and exclusive look, special to impress the holiness of Sabbath and the holidays.

Also, considering the application to be more informative the operative, we were afraid that flat design will look too poor.

The client liked this version but wanted to be modern and insisted to get a flat design, so that’s what we did – and we did it the best way we could.

E2C – Keep in Touch

אפיון ועיצוב ממשק - E2C
לוגו - Keep in Touch

Keep in Touch

Our client, E2C, developed a smartphone for old people. Big buttons, long pressure, few features etc. Their aim is to deliver the technology grandparents need to their life – photos of their children, what’sapp etc. Keep in Touch enables the family to help their grandparents from distance in several ways. Bust call makes the grandparent’s phone automatically respond with speaker, so if s/he fall and can’t get to the phone, their family will be able to talk with them. Locating grandparents or their phone and even simply, helping with technical issues.

After receiveing the client’s former design for his applicaiton, we desicded to put attention for the following points:

Usability – differentiating between actions and notifications

Hierarachy – Some actions are more important then other

Ease of Use – ask less, do more

Informative – be simple and clarify stuff when needed

Feel at home, have some fun

Besides those (and some other screens), we’ve provided spec, slices and gave phone support for the programmers.

”ממליץ בחום. עשו עבודה מדהימה עבורנו. אשמח להשתמש בהם לביצוע פרויקט נוסף בעתיד לכשאצטרך.“

אמיר אלון
מנכ”ל E2C

E2C - אמיר אלון

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